Demo Reel + Other Projects

Yeah I finally got through a week where I wasn’t thinking about bashing my head into the wall every hour. It was more like every 2 hours on the worst day. So I got my shit slightly more together and put together a demo reel to apply to the Pixar Undergraduate Program. In the process I also consolidated my documentation for some other projects so here they be. All these bois can also be found on my “official” website:¬†wow a wonderful link demo reel karen (arduino motion-sensing automaton) “It’s Clouded in Here” / “Cloud Simulator” / “So You’re a Cloud” … Continue reading Demo Reel + Other Projects

To My Mother…

Hi Mom, if you’re reading this. Presumably I’ve brought this up before, but I just wanna make it official, you know? Please watch this video and maybe we can talk about it afterward. If you’re not my mother, greetings random stranger! You found my blog….somehow. That’s really cool. Whatever your judgments are, please trust me to know what I need to be happy in life. I’m an adult now and although you have more experience in some things, please stop insinuating that you know me better than I know myself. Continue reading To My Mother…

On Teen Angst

I’ve been in therapy. Contents include: realizing I need to be more kind to myself, realizing I identified many personal problems in high school but assumed I could “fake it till I make it” or have my problems solved by being in a different, “better environment.” What follows is a rant that morphed into a letter/manifesto of sorts. It is poorly edited and I may or may not fix that. Sometimes I like to leave artifacts like this for Future Lauren to stumble across and realize that in all the time between us, she still hasn’t fixed herself in most … Continue reading On Teen Angst


November Lauren blinked while writing this. And cried, a lot. The Fall of 2018 was a rough time. This poem is barely edited, but it’s possible I’ll come back to it. Blink Blink. And out bursts a great herd of silky liquid tentacles, almost immediately dispersed. Birthed and scattered in a matter of moments, but they leave behind a gentle, tingly trail. Gracefully, they swoop to a point and bring closure– sometimes Continue reading Blink

Sleep Hangry: An Unpoetic Trio

Some angst vomit in three acts, courtesy of October 2018 Lauren. The title of the last act is from a lyric from Mitski’s song “Nobody.” Act 1: Red Soup It’s a terrible thing, Going to bed angry. Frustration is like a bristly greased hog, Unpleasant to hug and too hard to try anyway. Tomorrow eagerly waits for you, Like a little puppy, But the present is kind of an attention whore. The blood courses through you too fast and too hot. You think cutting yourself open might help, And either way, it does. Act 2: Hung Hungry for some reprieve … Continue reading Sleep Hangry: An Unpoetic Trio