Homestuck Fan Troll

I think this was an interesting exercise in character creation. Kind of went through the same process I usually go through but there were a lot more details and restrictions I had to deal with. Continue reading Homestuck Fan Troll


Wow another poem: “Mother”(revised)

I’m okay, I just wanted to revise this for an art contest about the asian experience or something. Mother Concern in her words. Aggression in her tone. Stale off the boat, thirty-something years, she’s mastered the American voice all too well. She wants her daughter to do the same: be loud, be brash, speak up, take what you want, live the dream. It’s not going to happen, not the way she thinks it will, the way she needs it to. Mother speaks in the language of the free and her daughter thinks in it. She lives without a dream because … Continue reading Wow another poem: “Mother”(revised)