The Mid-Life Crisis of High School

I have a hypothesis that all people will go through a mid-high-school crisis, where they will enter junior year and be forced to come to terms with the fact that it seems that everyone else has accomplished much more than you in the past two years. In addition to that, we will reevaluate our choice in extracurricular, realizing that we must basically stick with whatever we have at that point, no matter how little we have accomplished in that activity, because it’ll soon be too late to really commit to something new. We made some impulsive decisions early and just decided to ride out the commitment without ever considering whether we truly enjoyed doing it.

To make matter all the more enjoyable, we will be about 15-17 at that point. That means we are only 8-10 years away from reaching our peak intelligence, strength, charm, and pretty much everything, before life takes a downward spiral from there. The sheer insignificance of our actions in the past one and a half decades proves that we are destined for nothing.

Opportunities have forever disappeared and all that’s left for the next year before college applications in senior will be damage control. After that, we can only ride the dragon with the knowledge that we’re only a small bump away from slipping off and falling hard.


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