I really tried with the puns

Neoclassic Fish n’ Cheeks


Neoclassic Fish n’ Cheeks

This painting has been out of my hands for a few months now. When I got it back, I realized that I had remembered the colors as much warmer than they were. The above is closer to the real values. Below was the originally posted picture.

Neoclassic Fish n’ Cheeks

Acrylic. 18 x 24 in. Based of photo I took and one from the internet. The scene is based off a small moment in my trip to London. There was this intriguing contrast between the balmy weather, austere Buckingham palace in the background, and my little sister’s playfulness.

The “cheeks” refer to her smiling, the “fish” to the fish bag flopping about. The “Fish n’ Cheeks” is a  play on “Fish n’ Chips”, since we are in London. And since this is Buckingham Palace, a building with neoclassical building, the “neoclassic” is both that, and a play on “classic fish n’ chips.” Other juxtapositions incorporate this: the tacky fish n’ chips dish and the tourists milling about are supposed to contrast with the

Neoclassic Fish n’ Cheeks

ideal of classicism.


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