Recycled Jokes

“Why do you want to come to this college?” Well you have a Tumblr account. Clearly we have a spiritual connection. You haven’t known 3 am delirium until you wonder why your laptop battery life is changing so fast, only to realize it’s your clock. You know it’s late when your fit of fangirling has lost all semblance of chill, yet hasn’t woken anyone up. This should also be a thing. Where I recycle humor I used on other social media, because some jokes need to be archived, whether humanity wants them to be or not. Continue reading Recycled Jokes

Humor? Bits 12/22

“Do suicidal thoughts lead to nostalgia walks? Or is it the other way around?” “When best thing about your day is the weather. Which isn’t that great to begin with.” “Getting anxiety about calling an anxiety help hotline.” “You know you’re at a new low when a lazily-made, rain-drenched motivational poster can cheer you up even a little bit.” It’s occurred to me that I come up with lots of these semi witty one-lines or bumper slogans that seem too distasteful, melodramatic, or attention-seeking for a Facebook status update(which this old teenager still spends a lot of time on, instead of … Continue reading Humor? Bits 12/22

A Room and a Hallway Away – a poem

A Room and a Hallway Away She cowers under her covers, sensing a rising commotion, a room and a hallway away. Voices ring hoarse from the razor edge of malice. Only her sister’s though. Mother is unperturbed, accustomed. She hears nothing, neither the hate nor the reason. They are bitter words from a sweet girl. She swallows her sour guilt, blaming the salt on her face, the fire in her eyes. It leaves a bad taste in her sister’s mouth. The air between them fills with subtle, foul breath. So she smells her pillowcase instead, relishing a rare, scentless fragrance. She … Continue reading A Room and a Hallway Away – a poem


WEBCOMIC SETTING(S) Southbridge A flourishing port-city, Southbridge is ruled by a democratic government, but magic and nobility are closely linked and those with either or both basically control the election process and decisions of the Minister. The head wizard, the Chancellor, supposedly just an advisor, basically runs things. Everyone with power is white, male, and magical, with a few exceptions. The city is walled off into sections, starting from the innermost circle: noble wizards, non-magical high nobles, lower-ranking wizards and nobles, everyone else. Crime and poverty run amuck in this outer circle. The richer merchants, businessmen, scholars, etc. live in walled and heavily secured pockets and … Continue reading Setting(s)

Types of Magic

All magic using beings can be termed “magician” but the term usually refers to humans. Magic is a type of energy that exists at varying levels in different areas. It is a being of it own, but you can only tell in the places with extremely high magic concentration (so high that normal non-magical folk might die or go crazy). There are many magical non-humans, with the gods being the strongest (right after magic itself). Wizard – Places with high magic concentration have magic seep into people while in the womb. Wizards vary in power much more than magicians because … Continue reading Types of Magic