Life Stages

Lucas LionHeart, Alister Hope, and Ivan Stepanov at different stages in their life.

14 – Lucas and Alister attend Arcadia Academy later, joining in the second year. Alister is still a kid straight off the street, hence his ridiculous hair. Ivan is just chillin because his father still runs all the family’s shady dealings.

16 – Lucas has gone underground after being injured and almost killed to save the school in the event-to-be-developed that happened at the end of Lucas and Alister’s first year. He goes through a sort of emo phase as he deals with a lot of pain and anger. Ivan’s father died or went missing. Alister still attends Arcadia. Whatever happened, the family fortune and business falls on his shoulders and the stress is apparent.

19 – Lucas is still doing shady dealings with dark magic and coming really close to developing tools to kill gods. He has put a lid on emotions and cleaned himself up. Alister has graduated Arcadia and is adventuring, traveling, doing mercenary work, battling monsters, etc. Ivan has gotten better at handling the stress. Other things-to-be-developed also happened to him.

30 – Many events-to-be-developed have passed, and our protagonists are well adjusted adults now. Ha, of course they’re not. More traumatic-events-to-be-developed await them.

Appearances of Lucas LionHeart, Alister Hope, and Ivan Stepanov at various stages in their life.

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