A flourishing port-city, Southbridge is ruled by a democratic government, but magic and nobility are closely linked and those with either or both basically control the election process and decisions of the Minister. The head wizard, the Chancellor, supposedly just an advisor, basically runs things. Everyone with power is white, male, and magical, with a few exceptions.

The city is walled off into sections, starting from the innermost circle: noble wizards, non-magical high nobles, lower-ranking wizards and nobles, everyone else. Crime and poverty run amuck in this outer circle. The richer merchants, businessmen, scholars, etc. live in walled and heavily secured pockets and districts.

The city is still in the mid-1700s to early 1800s(before industrial revolution), though a lot of fashion and style is from up to the early 1900s.

The Elves

The prince of the desert elves is a spoilt sixth son who is dealing with 1)slowly becoming a middle child with the birth of the fated seventh son, 2)being sent on a mission to infiltrate Southbridge for undisclosed(read: haven’t thought about it yet) reasons, 3)dealing with the other two, far more out of touch, elf princes also sent on the same mission. Their culture closely resembles Egypt under Hellenic Greek rule and as a center for trade and scholarship, they have the most interaction with humans. Very multicultural. Seven sons(in order from oldest to youngest): Damasichthon(Damasich, the Cripple), Alphenor(Alph, the Heir), Ilioneus and Ismenus(Il and Is, the Twins),Tantalus(likes to go by his full name, later becomes Nat or Tan), Phaedimus(goes by his full name, the Desert Prince), Sipylus (Sipy, the 7th, the Chosen). Manisa and Niobe are name of some of the mothers.

The Forest Prince, prince of the forest elves, has got a pretty easy life. He’s just a little bit very dumb(and naive as the youngest son). Forest elf culture recalls Native Americans in the woodlands and tribes in the Amazon rain forest. All manner of tribes though, basically. He is unfortunately, the worst possible representative for the their culture. They don’t interact with humans much, as they live deep within an enchanted forest, but they are friendly to the ones they encounter.

The High Prince, prince of the mountain elves(the high elves), is also a youngest son. Timid and bookish, he is still very excitable, something that doesn’t sit well with high elf culture, which values reserve. They are modeled off of Imperial China and their snobbishness. They have the highest magical capabilities of all elven races, the most beautiful cities and architecture, and most hostility towards humans. Except for this prince, because he’s just an outcast that way.

Other elven races and civilizations exist, but they are very small minorities and many members are dispersed either across the continent or within the desert and forest elf cities. These three are just the most organized and prominent.


Located way up in the north, at the base of some very inhospitable mountains, Dunetown’s fortune comes from its mines, innovation, and scholarship(just not the magical kind). It was one of the earliest human settlements, and thus has lots of history recorded in its libraries. From its mines in the mountains come gold, jewels, and rare metals, which are used for industry or exported.

There is a low magical presence in Dunetown; few wizards are born there and magical powers are weaker there so any wizards that stop by don’t stay long. With no better way to increase living standards, people have invested in technology. They are more set in the late 1800s to early 1900s, with fashion up to the 1960s.

Despite(or because of) the lack of magic, the place is not great if you’re not a businessman or a scholar. There’s crime on the streets(imagine Dickensian London. Southbridge is more like King’s Landing in Game of Thrones) and secret societies, underworld networks, cults, gang wars. The place is pretty big compared to Southbridge. It’s no surprise that the democratically elected Governor is just a puppet for gang lords(the biggest and most powerful being the Stepanov family).


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