“What was Missing” (Adventure Time) Analysis

Time to whip out the burning passion I have for Bubbline(the shipping of Marceline Abadeer and Princess Bubblegum from the cartoon “Adventure Time”).

In case you’ve forgotten(it’s been a while since the episode aired) or you don’t know, in the episode “What was Missing,” important things go missing(wow shocker) and in some way or another, Finn, Jake, BMO, PB, and Marceline end up together in front of a door that they can only get through by singing a song of truth. Marceline begins singing, but is cut off when Bubblegum criticizes one of her lyrics, and proceeds to break into a ~clearly~ heartbroken love ballad about their past (implied) relationship. And thus a ship was born.

If you look at the notes of the first and second  parts of the song, you’ll see that it’s the same exact notes, in the same exact sequences, just in slightly different rhythms(sometimes the same even). Further below I have linked the original from the show and the two halves of the song played by me on piano.

Since Marceline isn’t good at expressing thing except through song, where she lets her guard down and exposes her real feelings, the fact that these two songs are composed of the same notes and rhythms points means that they have the same underlying feelings. Even though Marceline’s tone become hostile in the second part, deep down she doesn’t mean it. She means what she says through the lyrics, but she want to stay hostile. We find that out in the episode when she is unable to continue the song because she realizes she doesn’t really “want to” “bury  you in the ground” or “drink the red” from her face), but this adds onto it.

Alternatively, you could also say the opposite, that the light-hearted, teasing tone of the first half belies her real underlying feelings of pain and anger.



First half of the song(the rest of the song after the point it should have broken off is continued by Scout the Wise).


After the interruption:


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