A Poem: Sample Size

Sample Size

Someone told me that,
a long time ago, I got a gift.
In retrospect it was a humble package,
almost like a free trial kind of thing.
Supposedly, it lets you see the world in whole a different light.

I didn’t have good eyesight,
so maybe that’s why it never worked.
Perhaps I didn’t open the box right?
Did it come missing a piece?
Or I guess that’s just the best a sample can do.

These days it sits in the dark, collecting dust.
I loathe to throw it away,
so on some flaccid afternoons,
sometimes I still take it out in dim light.
Give it whorl,
make sure it still looks alright.

But it’s hard to tell when I don’t remember what it looked like new.
And it still doesn’t work.


Did you guess that it’s about artistic creativity.


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