About Me

Hello there! My name is Lauren, as you may have noticed. I am majoring in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon Univesity, but I love to draw and paint, and so this is the ultimate repository for my formal and informal works, which are scattered across the numerous seas of social media.

Check out my deviant art at lzmunch.deviantart.com or my instagram @lzmunch for more recent works. I’ll likely be doing mass updates every once and a while here.

My hobbies are probably going to be the majority of the content on this blog. I also enjoy art history, various fandoms, playing the viola, and anything and everything gay.

A  message from me, circa 2013: I started this blog because there are some things I don’t feel like sharing with my friends on Facebook, yet still feel like putting out there on the off chance that some stranger may find it entertaining.



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