Poem: In a Pillow

throb throb throb–
brain, eyes, heart.
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A Room and a Hallway Away – a poem

A Room and a Hallway Away She cowers under her covers, sensing a rising┬ácommotion, a room and a hallway away. Voices ring hoarse from the razor edge of malice. Only her sister’s though. Mother is unperturbed, accustomed. She hears nothing, neither the hate nor the reason. They are bitter words from a sweet girl. She swallows her sour guilt, blaming the salt on her face, the fire in her eyes. It leaves a bad taste in her sister’s mouth. The air between them fills with subtle, foul breath. So she smells her pillowcase instead, relishing a rare, scentless fragrance. She … Continue reading A Room and a Hallway Away – a poem