Webcomic Concept

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This site will also be home to the webcomic concept I’ve been developing for 6 years, though I’ve only recently begun to take it seriously. First, my digital illustration skill must catch up though. There will be character profiles, with a whole smattering of assorted doodles that relate to that character.


Set in a world of magic with various civilizations and societies at different stages of progress due to their varying degrees of affiliation with magic, the story centers around teenagers Alister Hope(a derpy rogue picked up off the streets for his latent magic abilities and destined for “greatness”), Lucas LionHeart(the weak-bodied and weak-willed but brilliant descendant of the greatest wizard ever), and Adrianne Fitzpatrick(sharp-witted daughter of a noble family bored with the cushiness of aristocracy) as they attend their first year at Arcadia Academy of the Magical Arts, just as it begins to allow women, commoners, and foreigners to attend.

Meanwhile, three princes from three different elvish/elven/elfin??? civilizations deal with their co-existence with increasingly powerful humans in different ways, while also dealing with all their royalty melodrama.

Meanwhile meanwhile, a prodigious boy, Ivan Stepanov, with no apparent ethics controls the underwold and overworld of a distant city-state, Dunetown, where the presence of magic is weak. With his technological and strategical prowess (and papa’s money and power), he is trying to expand his influence and technologies.